Struggle Is REAL

This year is about to end, time flies so fast. I can still recall how I welcomed 2020 with full of positivity, how I promised myself that ‘this year’s gonna be my best year’ with a vibrant-classic-blue shirt on me. I imagined myself living my 2020 the way others lived their 22. I thought mine will be just how Taylor Swift described it in one of her songs. All my life I have been looking forward to my 22 years, and yes, I admit that mine is, and always will be memorable, in its own unique way.

When Millennials use the phrase “The Struggle is real”  at work, it means they are annoyed. They might use the phrase to let you know there is a tough problem or a real hardship, but in this year 2020- 2021, The Struggle is very REEEEEEAAAAL……. for them not only for the students but also for the teachers and parents.

I keep on looking forward to this year as my ‘best year.’ I already built my own definition of ‘best year’ in my head so much. That this year is the year where all of my hard works from 2019 will be paid off, that I will meet my goal, that I will be the best version of myself, and work on it in every aspect. I expected my 2020 to be just all about me. So, when all the unexpected things happened, I broke down.

When coronavirus attacked many activities had been changed including education. Many institutions are conducting online classes during this coronavirus, one of these is virtual learning which is a big problem for students and teachers for several reasons. Online learning is priorities of many schools in this time of the pandemic. It is very hard to teach and explain the effective methods in an online class. Despite the challenges presented on this online learning, students and teachers in the Philippines do their best to make sure they won’t be left behind during this method.

The opening of classes had been delayed for several weeks to give time to prepare for this online learning. Despite these delays, many students and teachers are still struggling to cope with the preparation needed for their online classes. Many teachers were still studying and continuously attending training so that they create or resort to extreme methods to ensure the students receive a quality education despite the limitations of time in online learning.

Some parents are working full-time and no time to guide their children in studying their lessons. This means a large number of students will not be able to cope with this study method. It is impossible for these working parents to guide and support their children in their online classes. Some of these parents ask help from tutors to teach their children that may cause additional expense on their part. Another issue is that some parents are not well-trained teachers to guide their children in their assignments and activities. The amount of patience, diligence, and enthusiasm are needed in this kind of method.


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