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Our Story

GAIN Christian Academy Montalban Inc. Started in 2003. As a small school then, classes for five nursery and five kindergarten pupils were held in a small garage. Teacher Grace Habil unwearyingly and passionately taught each of these dynamic and zealous GAIN achievers. Subsequently, a batch of twenty-three graduates from nursery to preparatory levels marked the opening of the elementary department. 

In 2005, the number of pupils grew to fifty-five. To meet, the increasing number of enrollees, the school moved to a bigger place located at #1 Amado St. Burgos, Rodriguez Rizal. In the same year, GAIN Learning Center was eventually changed to GAIN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF MONTALBAN INC. on preparation for its headway expansion.

The school year 2006-2007, GAIN is blessed with complete Preschool, Grades 1-6, SpEd, and Mainstream SpEd courses in a fully air-conditioned building. The Year 2013 marked a major milestone that gave a lift to the school’s new location at Apo St. Extension, Metro Montaña, Burgos, Rodriguez, Rizal. Continuously, we are build learning spaces as we pursue the vision to teach and touch young lives ranging from early childhood to junior highschool.

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Meet the Admins

Grace Habil

Principal / Directress

Gregorio Habil


Paul Daniel Habil

Corporate Secretary

Rona Urbano

Finance Officer

Jon Dela Cruz

Assistant Principal


administrative Assistant

We are ready for the future


The next generation of education

Blended learning

blended instruction

combines classroom learning with online learning, in which students can control the time, pace and place of their learning.

self paced learning

learner is able to control the amount of material they consume as well as the duration of time they need to learn the new information properly.

mastery based Grading

students need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic or subject area before progressing onto another topic or subject area.

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